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In our factory in Gransholms Bruk outside Växjö, we had the privilege of being able to build our business climate-smart from the ground up. The box is made of pine oil, the production is self-sufficient through the hydroelectric plant which is located wall-to-wall with the factory, and we also compensate for the climate.

The product is the most important thing to us and we have chosen our flavors with care and close collaboration with taste experts. After many tests, we have found what we think is a perfect balance between distinct flavors and a long-lasting nicotine delivery.

In February 2021 we launched HELWIT online and quickly gained a large number of users and a very high repurchase rate. With this in mind, we made the decision before the summer to expand the factory and establish HELWIT in the physical trade.

HELWIT is available in the flavors Cola, Violet, Mocha, Mint, Salmiak, Blueberry, Cherry and Orange. More info about our flavors and you can find us here on our website.

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